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October 13, 2006

google Mobile Maps - its so "kool"!

Posted by Sanford Dickert | Discussion: 0 Comments

Since the last post on Rights Group, I have had a slew of requests to talk about new mobile services. But, the one I want to mention today is one I accidentially discovered on my way to an event this weekend. In the car, I was sitting in the car with three tech guys (one who invented the handwriting recognition software and the founder of MeshForum) and we were trying to find our way. google Mobile MapsSuddenly, I am shown a high-end smartphone running google Mobile Maps. It has been a while since I was impressed with a simple app, and within five minutes, I had it running the same app on my treo 650.

Why am I so excited? Simply because this is another app from google that just works. Not only do I get to avoid spending another $800 on a tomtom 910 (which I loved, nonetheless), but all of the things you expect in the google Maps are easily available - with traffic and identification of locations in clear, simple view.

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October 10, 2006

vivaDemocracy - allowing the best to rise in field

Posted by Sanford Dickert | Discussion: 0 Comments

Back in 2004, Ms. Betty Castor was running for the US Senate seat that was being vacated by then Senator Bob Graham. Close to the end of the election, she launched a grassroots management website that was unlike others I had seen at that time. And coincidentially, the gentleman who launched turns out to have been part of the Dean campaign trying to come up with a technology solution to work with the grassroots.

vivalogo.gifDaniel Lopez, founder of vivaDemocracy, came up with the idea of leveraging workflow applications to a distrubted volunteer management problem. Instead of relying on the management to choose who does what jobs, why not let the supporters choose what jobs they could do and report back on what they accomplished - similar to the Action Centers we see on the Senate sites like Senator Clinton or the GOP site. Armed with this idea and some engineering talent, Daniel and his team created vivaDemocracy, an intriguing offering for less-monied campaigns looking for an easy way to manage their volunteers.

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