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August 10, 2008

Ever thought of having the video research done by computer? Enter EveryZing.

Posted by Sanford Dickert | Discussion: 0 Comments

Back in 2004, I would watch as summer interns (people who wants access, any access) spend sleepless nights as they watched a bank of televisions and VCRs and transcribed the important notes that would be useful in the morning notes that was sent to the Senior staff. This task, not a welcome one, should have been easily handled by some computer or automated procedure. But it took quite some time until it became more real.

Enter 2006, as I was doing work for GoodnightBurbank, I learned of a technology called tveyes that would automatically transcribe content and provide the transcript in a fashion that would make it more easily searchable by google. There were some issues I had with it regarding the comedy podcast (worried that the keyword richness would not be as helpful), but always remembered this for the next campaign I would help.

EveryZing LogoThen, recently, I got an email from a company called EveryZing asking to talk to me about their technology. As the discussion began, I commented on the technology's similarity to tveyes. It turns out that EveryZing IS the technology that powered tveyes - and they are heading out on their own. This got me to look again, and decided to investigate what you might do with it.

DISCLOSURE: this was a blogger relations call their firm set up and, while I have not personally used the technology yet, I can see the applications for campaigns as well as other efforts.

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