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September 24, 2006

About PoliticalWarez

Posted by Sanford Dickert | Discussion: 0 Comments

People have asked what is PoliticalWarez about - which comes from a very simple premise: there is no repository of information for normal people (especially in non-profits or campaigns) to find good vendors to provide solutions for campaigns. I have spoken at a number of conferences on technologies to improve campaign operations, but rarely do you find an informed opinion for political technology that is not either being backed by commissions. What spawned this idea came literally from a particular vendor who berated me for not speaking about their technology.

"How can you not sell my technology into campaigns?" he asked. "I will give you $1500 for each major campaign you sell my solution into!" The problem with his premise was the idea that he thought it was the money that mattered. Not at all - in this case, it is the integrity of my word and making sure that my recommendations were given with experience and guidance, not just a "bung".

My opinion on technology and solutions are either formed from use of the platform or experiences from other friends or "reporters" of technology. In PoliticalWarez, I will comment on existing and new technologies that can change the coming political landscape. Rather than being impressed with flashy ads in "Campaign and Elections", you will hear from real people using the platforms and how successful they have been with the techology and how they have been successful in implementing it.

We will accept advertising on the site - but, read MY lips - we will not accept kickbacks for recommendations on the site. It is about providing a community good for Democracy, and it is my hope that the value derived from the knowledge will both help the country - and potentially pay the rent.

With that said, let's begin the adventure.