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December 13, 2006

List of Video Aggregators

Posted by Sanford Dickert | Discussion: 2 Comments

In many campaigns, people are looking for ways of distributing their content to various web hosting sites - in order to share the video with constituents and potentially save the money in hosting. The challenge I have is, beyond the big sites, where else can I distribute the video? For that, I offer the following list of video aggregators/hosting sites which I will continually update as new ones come, and old ones disappear.

I will divide these sites based on the features and capabilities (including ad insertion and Terms of Service), but will start with a simple listing of the ones I am aware of. Last Update: December 25, 2006

YouTube-like Sites
These sites are similar in nature to YouTube, providing hosting, directory services and syndication (read: embed tools) for distribution on blogs or websites.

Hosting and/or Syndication Sites
These sites are simplistic hosting services either without directory tools or syndication tools. Broadband Television Sites
These sites are building premium, MSM or selective content into television "channels". Directory Sites
These sites have directory listings - either with a taxonomy, hierarchy or general social filters. Other Video Sites
These sites are either tools, widget solutions or others.

Special shout out to Phil Harvey of LightReading, Mediathink and Deirdré Straughan of Beginning with I.

If you see any mistakes or would like to be added to this list, please comment on this post.

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