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October 3, 2006

Movable Type 3.33 - very niiiice

Posted by Sanford Dickert | Discussion: 0 Comments

After writing the original post on Movable Type 3.2 back in April, I have been waiting to upgrade my Movable Type installation to 3.3 - but noted there was little to no documentation on how to upgrade. After searching about on the Internet, I was happy to find an article at Learning Movable Type blog. Now, just to be sure, if I was not comfortable with the technical aspects, I would have required some additional help. But, once I spent a half-hour on the task, the upgrade was a breeze.

Simply following the instructions from Elise Bauer, and starting up the Movable Type (after carefully backing up the database), it ran through the upgrade - and suddenly I was back on my control panel with nary a notice that much had changed. So, in this upgrade, I noted only a couple of minor interface changes (including the font on the editing page has definitely grown). But the nicest thing I have seen so far is the inclusion of tags on the bottom of my post page. I will see how this turns out as we move forward.

UPDATE: today, after installing the MT 3.3 on my two blogs - I noticed that my Political Gastronomica site was not up properly - and wondered what happened. After investigating the issue, I discovered one major issue: you need to make modifications to your paths in the Publishing Options.

After you do the install, you need to go into the Settings on the left hand menu - and then go to the Detailed Options (link on the upper right of the Settings table). Once you go to the Detailed listing, go to the "Publishing Settings" (click on the image to see the page in detail). It is there where you need to make sure your paths are correct - not only for your main site, but also for the archives. I lost a half a day wondering where the archives were - and then figured out that I did not have the path for the archives set correctly. Once that was corrected, all worked wonderfully.


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